Sunday, 27 July 2014

Staffordshire's Monkey Forest

It was my first weekend off from work, so the boyfriend and I finally got to go to the Monkey Forest in Staffordshire. To be honest, we were completely blown away. I thought that it might be the kind of place where you walk around and maybe spot a monkey if you're lucky, à la Jurassic Park, but it was so much better! We got to see so many barbary macaques, as they have about 140 of them in the park. They also have six baby monkeys, one of which was born on the day we went! Anyway, this post is super photo heavy, so click below to see what we got up to.

We started the day with a feeding where a park employee would tell us about the monkeys, where they're from, what they eat, etc. They do this every quarter of the hour, so we got to hear the speech a few times. By the end of the day, the boyfriend could have told you everything there is to know about macaques.

The park has a path that goes through it for people to walk on, and the best part is when you see a monkey cross through it like it's no big deal. 

We saw a monkey eating.

A monkey contemplating the meaning of his existence.

This is a monkey we stalked for a while, until he decided to let us pose for pictures.

The boyfriend had his dream come true.

A monkey sitting.

Monkeys sleeping in a tree. Look at that little face!

This was about the creepiest mask I've ever seen.

We had brought some sad lunch to eat but decided to get food at the Banana Cafe, which was surprisingly affordable and super tasty. I had a tuna/cheese panini, while the boyfriend got some chips/beans/chicken nuggets.

Baby monkey sighting!

This baby monkey was the most adorable thing. He kept trying to walk away from his mom, who was simply holding him by his back leg. 

The boyfriend trying to get the monkey's attention.

And failing.

We saw a monkey yawning.

I think he finally got through to the monkey after the whole day.

A monkey drinking.

The banana cafe.

Goodbye Monkey Forest. It was such a beautiful sunny day, we had tons of fun. This is the perfect place to visit, whether you've got kid, or are simply a fan of animals. You get to see the animals up close, you see them interacting with each other, and they're fascinating to observe. Plus, it was so nice to see animals not in a cage for once, I wish there were more places like this one in the world. It's also a very affordable day out, as tickets are only £7.50 for adults, which is cheaper than most zoos/amusement parks.

Have you ever been to the Monkey Forest?
If you're looking for something different to do this summer,
I'd definitely give it a go!


  1. patricia y pablo27 July 2014 at 21:01

    nice i hope add in our bucket list for next time