Thursday, 24 July 2014

Handmade Burger Co.

Last Friday, the boyfriend and I headed to Touchwood shopping center for a bite to eat. We've already gone to Handmade Burger Co in the Bullring, we hadn't been to this one. I love this place! It's similar to Nando's in how their menu looks, and how you order at the front before they bring your food. The atmosphere is very family-friendly, fun, and casual. No need to dress up like I did!

There are so many burgers to choose from! They've got beef, chicken, and vegetarian options, plus a few different sides. Apparently, they also do milkshakes, which I would totally try if I wasn't so lactose-intolerant. 

Hard decisions.

Look at this monster of a burger. I ordered a classic bacon and cheese burger, which doesn't come with the typical American bacon I'm used to. British bacon is like a fat slab of ham, which is incredibly filling - I barely ate half of my burger before I was full. We also had one side of cajun chips were simply addicting, I wish I had some right now. Honestly, I would have probably been fine with just chips because they were so tasty.

And here is my awkward #OOTD pose which only makes me look even smaller than I am in real life because my photographer (the boyfriend) is such a giant. I wore a soft pink dress from Bershka which I picked up in Paris last summer (I wish I could say that more often), some nude Aldo sandals, and my favourite summer bag from Urban Outfitters.


  1. More then restaurant I like how you dress