Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Sugar Shack

On Monday, the family and I headed to a local sugar shack, mainly because I had been dying to go to one for ages and they're all closing up for the season soon. Both of my cousins tagged along, and it was such a beautiful day. It actually started raining just as we were leaving, so talk about good timing. This post is going to be quite photo-heavy, so click under the cut to see what we did (and ate) that day.
We visited La Goudrelle, which is a very popular sugar shack in the area. It's a short drive away from the city, tucked into the woods, and has been open since 1961. The ticket price varies depending on when you go, but we paid about $15 per person. This included the breakfast/brunch meal, a tractor ride, and a free maple taffy sample (which we skipped because we were so stuffed from the food). There's woods behind the shack to walk around in, and the last time we were here we hiked all the way up the mountain. They also have a teeny farm area, with goats and a llama, and a cute souvenir shop (according to the website since we didn't visit it). I've been here a couple of times with my family, it's very popular which also means it can be really crowded sometimes. It wasn't too busy when we went, which was great.

The lovely people who joined us - as always, Sarah and Alexis are the best company in the world.

I know pea soup is pretty plain and all, but I love it? 

I decided to photograph my mom's plate because it actually looked appetizing. I have a weird habit of keeping my food from touching each other (Am I the only one?), so my plate just looked quite bare and boring. Now, let's talk about food - I know sugar shack food isn't exactly fine cuisine, but it's so home-y and delicious, I can't understand how someone would not love any of this food.

We also got to eat some amazing maple-themed dessert. I wish I hadn't been too full to eat, everything was so good! I actually took some mini tarts home with me, and they were the perfect snack to have the next day. Everything that was served was so filling, it was actually upsetting I couldn't eat any more.


Handsome men.

I love goats, I don't know why. There's something about farm animals that makes me really happy and the boyfriend (who lives in Wales, home of the sheep) will never understand it. It's almost as if I get more excited about these animals than anything else.

What do you think of our outing to the sugar shack?
Have you been this year? It's our spring tradition.
What are some spring traditions you love?


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