Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Woodmans Rest

Every Friday night, the boyfriend and I decide that we're too lazy to cook (it is the end of the week) and we either have a takeout or eat out. Last Friday, we decided to go to our local pub (how crazy is it that I have a local now?) and grabbed some delicious food. We've actually been to the Woodmans Rest a few times since it's a short walk from our flat, and I really like going there. The ambience is nice, the meals are incredibly affordable, and the pints are always a plenty. 

Kopparberg, you are turning me into a little alcoholic (just kidding). 

My handsome waiter boyfriend.

How cute is this bucket? I love this idea, everything is in one place and so neat.

We both had the 80z rump steak that night, although last time I had the cheese and bacon burger, which was amazing. I wish I had a picture for you guys, because it was a beautiful burger. My meal came with a dessert and I had the tiniest, but delicious crème brulée. Once again, I do not have a picture of this because I basically scarfed it down as it came to the table (#BloggerFail).

Tomato and basil soup.

The steak.

And complementary #OOTD of the evening. I'm still in love with this H&M tunic dress, it's the most comfortable thing. 


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