Thursday, 11 September 2014

Torrevieja, te Quiero

For my birthday week, the boyfriend and I whisked away to Torrevieja, Spain with the boyfriend and his parents. The next post is super photo-heavy, so it's under a cut. Anyway, I took about 300 pictures during the entire week, and no, I wasn't going to post them all because no one wants to scroll through so many. I've managed to "condense" it to about 60-something photos, showing you guys how we went our vacation.

We arrived at the Alicante airport after a 2 and half hour flight, full of energy.

And were greeted by the longest queue in the world to get the rental car.

Then we made our way to the boyfriend's parents' home in Torrevieja, and after settling in we went to dinner.

Top: Topshop, Shorts: Forever 21, Bag: New Look, Sunglasses: Aldo.

The next day, we went to the market and walked around for most of the morning. The boyfriend picked up some sunglasses and flip-flops, while I perused the stalls. I'm not a big fan of markets - too many cheap items that will break before I fly back home.

So many fake designer handbags.

For a moment, I truly thought they were selling bats at the market.  

We had a little munch on some churros, but I was slightly disappointed when I realized they didn't have any filling. Fake churros!

The biggest paella I have ever seen, and it smelled delicious too.

In the afternoon, we decided to explore the beachfront.

We decided to go to a chinese restaurant that night, and yum - chinese food is always so satisfying.

Fried rice will always be my one true love.

The next day, we decided to walk to the beach again! To be honest, we did this almost every day because how else would you want to spend a holiday?

On the way to the beach, we walked past this strange area where a bunch of stray cats lived. Every day, I kept trying to lure them to me, but nothing. Stray cats are not the friendliest of bunch.

Top: Topshop, Shorts: New Look, Shoes: Aldo, Hat: Topshop, Bag: Urban Outfitters

We grabbed some kebabs for lunch, and went back there a few days later, it was so good!

That evening we took a walk to a sushi restaurant where I would find the sashimi plate of my dreams.

What I would do to eat this every day.

The next day we spent the morning on the beach, before going to a fair that evening.

On the way to the fair in Torrevieja we walked past some cute little stalls.

We also got some delicious food before hitting the rides, including the biggest shrimp I've ever seen.

We tried so hard to win the Jake doll from this stall, but it was impossible to win enough tickets for him. Sadness.

The evening of my birthday, we were treated to the best steak in Torrevieja - Argentinian steak. 

Most of our days were spent on the beach, but we also took time to ride some go-karts on the last day!

Never have I seen such a beautiful, blue sky.

Go-karting was so fun! I'm pretty sure I was screaming the entire time because the boyfriend was controlling the speed.

We had such a great time in Spain, I can't wait for my next vacation! Obviously, we did see a lot more in Torrevieja but these were my favourite pictures. The weather in Spain was so beautiful, but almost too hot (I know, it's a crime to complain on vacation). Now, I'm back in chilly England, getting ready for the cold weather and dreaming of the sun.


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