Saturday, 5 April 2014

Thrift Haul - Eva B

I ventured out to the Montreal thrift shop Eva B a few weekends ago with my parents. I had no idea what this place was until a friend of mine actually tweeted about it (thanks @kevinngminghing!) If you guys have never been to this place, I would definitely check it out if you're ever in Montreal. It's at 2015 Saint-Laurent Boulevard and they're open Monday to Sunday. Honestly, I would have probably walked right past the shop if I didn't know the address, because the wall are completely covered up in graffiti and it actually looks rather sketchy from the outside. But it was a gold mine! I've never had as much luck thrifting as I did that day, so I've definitely fallen back in love with the concept. 

When you first enter Eva B, you'll notice how dim it actually it. It can be a bit difficult to tell what you're looking at, but it was fun to dig through the rows of clothes. It's not a very big place, so try not to bring a large purse as I did. We were greeted by a lovely girl who actually gave us some warm apple cider tea when we came in, a nice plus since it was such a cold day. I began looking through the rows of clothes, which are all organized by type of clothing. There are also a bunch of $1 bins where you can find old shirts, leggings, or accessories. They have a mens' section, which was actually really good for some cheeky vintage sweaters. Everything is super reasonably price, like a good thrift shop should be. 

I scored this crop white turtle neck for $5, and the short sleeved, green button-down shirt for $10. I can't wait to wear the green shirt tucked into some high waisted shorts this summer, it's such a nice loose-fitting top. I haven't worn the crop sweater yet, but I should do so soon because it's going to be too warm to do so eventually. I also got a plain, cropped black tank top (picture at the top) for $5. This was simply a really good basic piece to own for the summer, especially since high-waisted bottoms are so popular right now.

This was my ah-hah find of the day. It's a beautiful crochet slip, which would probably be a top on someone who was average sized, but I can rock it as a short mini. If anything, I'll probably wear some bike shorts underneath as to not flash anyone. This has such a nice boho vibe, I love it. You could even wear it with some black leggings in the meanwhile.

Have you been to Eva B?
They're at 2015 Saint Laurent Boulevard, Montreal, if you're ever in town.
I would definitely go check it out if you want to go thrifting!


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