Friday, 23 August 2013

La Chilenita

Last wednesday was my dad's birthday, so I decided to treat him to one of his favourite restaurants in the city, La Chilenita. There are two locations152 Rue Napoléon and 64 Rue Marie-Anne Ouest, both in Montreal. We went to the Marie-Anne location which is near Mont-Royal. I absolutely love this restaurant, it is everything I could ask for. It's a sit-down restaurant, although you can order to take out as well. It's a tiny shop that specializes in Chilean dishes, such as empanadas and sandwiches. They also offer a variety of mexican dishes.

I love going to La Chilenita. Their prices are very reasonable, between $5-$6 for sandwiches and $3 for an empanada. Plus, they serve Inca Cola, which is like, the South American version of soda? It's yellow and fizzy and wildly addicting. I haven't met someone who doesn't like drinking Inca yet. Their decor is very festive and colourful, which I love. They have a lot of Chilean art on the walls, plus a large television which always plays Chilean TV. It's a lot of Chile in one place, but it makes it feel authentic, as if you were back in Chile just grabbing some food. We don't have a lot of these restaurants in the South Shore, so my parents and I love going a bit further for some good food.

This is what I ordered, it's called a Barro Lucos. It's basically steak, avocado, cheese and tomatoes in between two buns. It is heaven on a plate and I'm pretty sure I could eat it every day without ever growing sick of it. It has all of my favourite foods but in one single amazing bite. I can't get over it, you guys. Anyway, there are a lot of different sandwiches, so I'm pretty sure there's something there to satisfy anyone.

After dinner, we went to the Saint-Joseph Oratory up on Mont-Royal, because my parents have a tradition of going there every Wednesday. Although I'm not an extremely religious person, I was raised Catholic. I remember going to church every Sunday with my mom and I've had my First Communion. Religion has always been a part of my life, but I'm not active in it. Either way, it's a beautiful place in the city, no matter what religion you are. 

Plus, talk about a great view.

Happy birthday, Dad.


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