Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate

The Body Shop have actually been dropping in a lot of new products lately, and as an employee, sometimes I get the pleasure of trying things out before they get released. One of their last releases was the Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate, which is a serum that comes in the form of a rollerball. It's meant to reduce lines, bagginess, and tiredness in the eye area. It retails for £19,which is a little pricier than most Body Shop offerings, but not as crazy as some high-end products. Plus, with the small amount needed to do both eyes, it'll probably last you a good while.

The product is released through a one-pump system, and it's meant to be enough to put all over your eyes in an eight-shape motion. It's made from plant stem cells from the Edelweiss flower (and no, not the endangered kind), which has renewing features and it's enriched with Babassu oil. I've been using it for a few days, and while I still have no lines to hide, it has felt really cooling and soothing on my eyes. Plus, I have needed less and less concealer under my eyes, which is enough reason for me to keep using this lovely product. If you're looking for a new, 100% vegetarian addition to your skin care routine, then definitely check the Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate!

Have you tried the original Drops of Youth serum?
Do you find use for any anti-ageing products
when you're still in your twenties?


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