Monday, 22 September 2014

Birmingham Blogger Meet Up

I had the pleasure of attending the "Back to School" Birmingham Blogger Meetup last Sunday, which was organized by the lovely Abbigayle Warner. This was my first ever blogging event and I have to say, it was so amazing! I really had a lot of fun, I only wish I could have had more time (and been a little less anxious) to meet more of the girls. A small group of us met at Primark about an hour before the event, which was nice because I like meeting people one-on-one than in a big group better. We then went to The Slug & Lettuce where the event was held and sat down in an area just for us. Anyway read below to see what else I got up to that day!

There was a beautiful cupcake display on the main table, along with our goodie bags (another post on those will come tomorrow). We all had name tags, which was super useful.

In our goodie bags, we each got this lovely organizer made by Abbigayle. It's super tiny and handy, I'm really glad this was included. It's a nice, personal touch, and it'll be super useful in the next year.

The event started with a few games about blogging. It was really nice of Abbigayle to give the participants a small gift. I even won the chance to write two guest posts on Female First, an online magazine. I couldn't believe it! Now comes the pressure to see what I'd want to write about.

Then we had Kirsty Lo who introduced us to the cosmetic brand Motives, as she is the UK ambassador the brand. I'd never heard of this brand, but we saw a few of their products, including a setting spray, some brushes, and the most beautiful eyeshadow palette I've seen. I loved the colours on it!

Then we had a mini tutorial about how to achieve the perfect winged liner from two girls from the Birmingham Central School of Makeup. You can bet everyone was listening carefully and watching how she did it! The tutorial was actually really nice, and I'll be putting their advice to work next time I do my makeup.

A preview of the goodies I received in my tote bag.

The food! Wow, can I just say how good the food was? I'll definitely be going back to The Slug & Lettuce for a date with the boyfriend, because I loved everyone they served us. Mini hamburgers, potato wedges, and some delicious shrimp - Yum!

After the event was done, I left with Ellie, Laura, and Emma to walk around the shops a little bit more. We stopped at Primark one last time (hetic!), then we to the Selfridges' beauty hall, and Boots. I didn't buy anything that day, since I'm actually trying to save for something special. Still, it was nice to be shopping with the girls!

Here are some instagram pictures I took from that day.

Also, a huge thank you to all the wonderful brands that donated gifts for us to have in our goodie bags. We received gifts from Lush, Harlequin Cosmetics, Bee Goods, Dottie Rocks, Nanshy, Brat & Suzie, Black Tied, Colour Me Fragrances, Lylia Rose, F & BT, Charmed Ivy, Selfridges, River Island and Lovely Lotions. It was such a fun day, I can't wait until the next event!

Have you been to a blogger meetup before?
How was it, and would you go again?
Have you ever hosted your own?


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