Sunday, 21 September 2014

Mini Boots & Paperchase Haul

I was feeling a little spendy the other day, so I decided to go to Boots to pick up some essentials (aka razors, deodorant, etc) and I was sucked into the beauty aisles - typical me. I managed to control myself and only picked up three things (yes, I forgot to photograph one, that's how unorganized this post was) and then went to Paperchase because I needed a new diary for the year. 

Paperchase had some great bargains now that the "Back to School" rush is slightly over. I'm going to have to check back in a few weeks to see if there are even more sales. I grabbed this beautiful, colourful diary in a tribal print. It's perfect since it's got plenty of space for every day, so it'll be my "day to day" and "blogging" diary. I also grabbed these paper clips because they were in tiny jars and I couldn't resist the jars. I don't think I've ever even used paper clips. Also, I've run out of post-its, so I grabbed this matching set that was on sale too. Super cute colour scheme! 

From Boots, I picked up this WAH London acrylic nail set, but I've decided to take it back because the nails are actually too long for mine. They just look a little ridiculous, and not very me at all. I wish they made these design in nail stickers, because those can be trimmed down to fit your nail size. I'm actually having a really hard time finding cute nail stickers here in the UK. Neither Boots or Superdrug have them, and I've seen some at Claire's but they weren't very nice. Any of my UK readers know where I can get some nice designs?

Finally, Rimmel at a 2 for £10 deal on the Rimmel products, so obviously I had to grab one of the new Apocalips Matte Lip Lacquers, because I loved the original ones, and now they've brought out new matte shades! I'm such a happy girl with all matte releases to be honest. A full review of this will come soon. I also grabbed (not pictured) the new Wonderfull Mascara which is infused with argan oil. It's meant to make your lashes grow longer, and so far I love it. A review will also come soon!

Do you ever find yourself spending more than you should in Boots?
It's my weakness!
And what is up with bloggers and stationery? 


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