Monday, 16 September 2013

Montreal Comiccon 2013

It's become a tradition of sorts that every year, me and cousin attend the Montreal Comiccon. I still remember when the 'Con was set at Bonaventure and how small it was. These days, it's a major event in the city where all geeks and nerds unite for a full weekend of activities. They had events happening Thursday night! We went on the very last day of Comiccon, because neither of us could get time off work on Saturday. Nevertheless, it was a really fun day. We showed up bright and early, and hardly waited in line at all. I remember last year we waited almost an hour to get inside. Oddly enough, we had also bought our tickets in advance last year. 

The Ghostbusters guys are there every year and I still love seeing them. The same goes for this particular Wolverine who's always there too. It's kind of nice to see the same people coming back, it's like a big family reunion of superheroes and villains. You can always count on seeing about five different Spidermans, a few Doctors, and Storm Troopers. 

I was so excited to see the Doctor Who Society of Canada (Who knew such a thing existed?), because I'm a very recent fan of the Doctor. Let's all the lame the boyfriend for introducing me to such a great show and making me a bigger nerd than I already was. The Daleks at the convention were insane! A person could sit inside and actually drive it around, so it looked like they were real. They even spoke with the perfect Dalek voice, threatening anyone who was in their way. The best bit was probably the red Dalek asking, "Are you having fun?" and children gleefully saying "Yes!"

I'm pretty sure the DeLorean is also there almost every year. I think I've seen it a few times now, but I've never actually sat inside it. No Batmobile this year though, bit sad about that.

Star Wars fan, rejoice.

Last year, I made a new furry friend. This year, it was a severed head.

Merinda from Brave! This was probably one of my favourite cosplay because I'm such a Disney fan and this girl looked exactly like her. Her hair was so beautiful. 

A kickass Captain America and Loki, who's my neighbor! She's the sweetest thing ever and her costume was amazing.

So much merchandise. I settled on a few pins to add to my backpack and a Doctor Who shirt for the boyfriend. I'm thinking I should have gotten one for myself now, because there were so many cool design to choose from. Comiccon always makes me want to spend so much because you find the coolest things there. The artwork alone is something I love to look at. There are so many talented artists who do so many creative things. I think that when I have my own place, that's the kind of art I'd put on display. The boyfriend and I will have film posters and superhero prints everywhere instead of painted flowers and landscapes. 

A happy fangirl by the end of the day.

I can't wait to get the chance to attend a convention with the boyfriend, because we both want to go out in full costume. We're thinking the Doctor and his companion? It would be really fun, although I have to settle on a companion. Or maybe Han Solo and Princess Leia? There are so many ideas to choose from. I hope we also make it a tradition to attend every year, whether it's the Montreal one or the London one (which I hear is amazing). I love, love, love commiccon and it's certainly not just for ΓΌber fans. I see so many families with their kids and it's great to see that these characters have fans from all ages. I saw a tiny boy dressed as the Doctor and it was the cutest thing in the world. It's a great place to meet people who enjoy the same things you do, and to geek out shamelessly.

Have you ever been to a Comiccon? Did you ever cosplay?
Who's your favourite superhero? Marvel or DC?
And the most important question of all, which companion should I go as next year?


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