Sunday, 7 February 2016

Paris with the Parents

Last September, I was lucky enough to have my parents visit from Canada - so we set out give them their own Eurotrip by visiting not only the UK, but Paris, and Dublin in two weeks! I only just got around sorting the photos from our holiday, and it was actually really nice to look through these on a rainy February afternoon. I thought I would share a few of the photos I took during those lovely days, and what better way to start than Paris?

A Welshman in Paris.

The Louvre.

What a beaut,y, the Eiffel Tower. As impressive as she always is.

Everyone says we look so alike!

I never realized how beautiful the city can look at dusk.

Those cuties sitting on the edge are my parents, the ultimate #goals.

On our second day, we headed to my favourite place in the world - Disneyland Paris!

So much whimsy and magic.

Adventure awaits!

The happiest man in the world.

Finishing the day with the biggest cotton candy I've ever seen and fireworks.

And on our last day, we enjoyed Paris in the rain before flying home.

This was my third time in the French capital city, and I'm pretty sure I'll head there again soon. I still have the catacombs and Versailles on my list of things to see - it seems like every time I'm in Paris I only have time for the main tourist attractions!

What should I see next when I'm in Paris?
Any restaurant recommendations?


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