Sunday, 22 September 2013

Eurotrip: Cardiff & The Doctor Who Experience

Warning, this post will contain a large amount of fan girl.

During my last trip to Wales, the boyfriend and I had a quick day trip to the lovely capital, Cardiff. It's probably one of my favourite cities in the entire world, it's so beautiful. Besides, where else do you find a castle that is centuries old in the middle of a city? It also has an insane shopping district where I could probably get lost for hours if someone let me. This is the kind of city I'd love to live in one day. It's our compromise, the boyfriend and I, because it's not too busy (like London) and not too small (perfect for me).

Follow the dragons!

The main reason the boyfriend agreed to go to Cardiff was so we could visit the Doctor Who Experience. It's a bit of a museum dedicated to the famous BBC series, Doctor Who. I am a massive fan of the show, but I had yet to watch a single episode when we went there. So, I had a rather strange perception of the museum, since I didn't know much about the show except for what I had seen on Tumblr (thank you, Whovians). The boyfriend went all out and actually dressed up us as Eleven. What a dork, but I love him.

He brought a real screwdriver in lieu of a sonic one.

Love this art work, it's beautiful.

A lego Dalek!

All in all, this was a great museum to go visit, whether or not you're a fan of the Doctor. I had a great time reading about this iconic television series, so it's a good attraction to visit if you're simply a fan of TV. There were this great interactive bits, as well as many costumes and replicas of the characters on the show. The room filled with villains was amazing, since there are so many original creatures on the show. 
I also really enjoyed seeing the set pieces and old scripts. The museum was really busy, which showed how large the DW fandom really is. There were people from all ages. I'd definitely recommend seeing this attraction for anyone who visits Cardiff.

Are you a Whovian? Have you ever been to the DW Experience?
Who's your favourite villain? I'm a fan of the Weeping Angels, they're frightful.


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