Sunday, 22 September 2013

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Last Thursday, I went to the Museum of Fine Arts for a school assignment. My partner and I were tasked with exploring a museum in the city and we settled on this classic. I'd been to the museum before, but it's always such a fun experience. Honestly, Montreal is full of fascinating places like this one. Best of all, it's free! You only pay for the temporary collection. Right now, there's a showing on glass art called Chihuly, which is why there's a great glass art piece right in the front of the museum. Isn't it beautiful? I'm hoping to go see Chihuly before it ends, because it looked really awesome.

Fun fact: The designer of BCBG owns that very same red couch in his office. It's meant to be relaxing because it's shaped like a woman's body. A bit off if you ask me, but it has a beautiful colour.

How great would it be to settle in this next and read a good book? I want one in my house.

Sometimes I really don't get modern art.

I'm not sure if this is insane or genius.

I was kind of obsessive with this pig head. 

Typical selfie.

So, if you've ever in the city, or have nothing to do during a long break at school, why not go to the museum? The entrance is free, which is great for students on a budget, and there's so much to see. The museum holds many buildings and they're all connected to each other with underground tunnels. There's a variety of things to see, from Quebec art, to African art, to contemporary art, and I could go on for ages. It's a good place to take a friend who's new in town, since you could spend a whole day exploring the museum. 

Have you ever been the Museum of Fine Arts? What exhibit did you visit?
What's your favourite museum in your city?



  1. last time we were to this museum it was when JC Gauthier presented it was a very interesting and trendy its amazing how the mode innovate through the years; and the styles remain the same