Thursday, 9 January 2014

Mini Target Haul

I ventured into Target the other day to pick up some discounted Christmas wrapping paper (It was a dollar on sale!) and I found so many things had been discounted. It was actually quite sad because I wanted to buy so much but I held off since I'm supposed to be saving my money. I decided to get a few things I had already been thinking about buying and left behind about four Essie nail polishes because I have too many already.

I keep hearing the Wonderstruck perfume and had a little sample of a bottle in the perfume section. It smelled pretty good, so I picked up this spray set for $7.50. I don't know how much it was initially, but it had been discounted twice already, so I'm guessing I got a good deal. Plus, you get a golden tube to put the spray in, so it looks pretty cute to throw in your purse.

I have been dying to get my hands on some inexpensive costume jewelry. I really wanted some chunky necklaces to layer over sweaters, but most of the necklaces I saw in stores were above the twenty dollar mark and I couldn't be bothered to pay that. Finally, these were 50% off and had a second discount on them, so they were both $5.00 in the end. Great price considering they had been $19.99 originally. I've already worn the gold one over an emerald sweater and I loved it. I feel like throwing on a large, chunky necklace can make a casual outfit just slightly more dressy.

These were the first item I picked up in Target because they were by the really cheap bins they have in the entrance. They were a dollar each and I'm using them to store makeup brushes for now. I just loved the colours because they tie into my bedroom colours perfectly (white, grey and red).

I was originally going to get a single mug with my initial on it, but part of me couldn't help but think it would be really cute to also get one for the boyfriend (in spite of him not being able to use it until I actually go to Wales). I can already see these being the first mugs we use in our little flat one day. Plus, look at that design, they're so chic.

Finally, this is the main reason why I went to Target, I needed a large bin to throw all of my winter accessories in. I've managed to collect quite a large amount of hats and scarves (and beanies - so many beanies), so they didn't fit in the "family" basket we have by our downstairs closet. This was $12.99 and it fits perfectly under my shelves, so it's nicely tucked away.

Are you as obsessed with Target as I am? 
They always have such cute things.
But I think American Target has more,
which is a little disappointing for us Canadians.


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