Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Milford Perk Diner

The boyfriend and I actually spent last weekend up in Pembrokeshire for a good country break, and it was great. We didn't get up to much, mostly catching up with old friends and enjoying a pint at his favourite pub. I had a huge craving for pancakes, and if you've ever been to Pembrokeshire, you'll know variety in food is not common. I can have an English Breakfast everywhere I go, but finding pancakes was a little difficult. We were recommended this lovely little dinner in Milford Haven - Milford Perk Diner.

This place was so cool! It was completely decked out like a typical 50's diner, complete with red leather chairs, vintage paraphernalia, and a hot chicken wing challenge. They had a pretty varied menu, with burgers, hotdogs, and chicken wings for lunch. They also had smoothies, pancakes, and all the American food you could think of.

I loved the celebrity pictures!

I had some delicious raspberry pancakes with some vanilla ice cream. Look at all that raspberry goodness.

The boyfriend got a burger because he doesn't understand the meaning of breakfast.

And his friend got bacon pancake! I've cooked these before, but I'm not a fan. Too many contradicting flavours for me.

Oh, and did I mention the entire place was filled with giant status of famous people? Elvis, Uncle Sam, a highway patrol cop, and more. It was such an original addition, I loved this restaurant. The food was great, and I'd go there again for the decor alone. It's such a quirky addition to a small town like Milford Haven, it made me wonder what other little gems were out there.


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