Saturday, 11 October 2014

Halloween Tutorial: The Skeleton

This is my favourite look so far! The boyfriend thought I looked proper creepy when I walked down the stairs, and I think I might actually do this on Halloween night. This is such an easy look to recreate, the only thing to remember is that it's not going to look perfect. All you need for this look is some white face paint (super easy to comes across this time of the year), black matte eyeshadow, and a black kohl pencil. That's it!

The first thing I did was paint my entire face white. Lips and eyelids included! I then used a pointed concealer brush from Ecotools to create those dark eyes. I basically created a huge circular shape that went all around my eyes, up to my brows. Yeah, it's pretty dramatic. I then went ahead and created some random shapes on the edges, because it seemed like a good idea. I'm not sure I like it, but it works with the whole look.

The mouth was the easiest part in my opinion. I basically "extended" my smile by adding a line that started from the corners of my lips. I then did these little vertical lines all around. Finally, I thought I'd add some random lines on my face to make it look like bone structures. It's not as perfect as I'd want it, but I think it looks like cool warpaint. 

I love this look! Costume wise, I would probably wear all black if I didn't have the chance to buy one of skeleton costume. Plus, a lot of stores have amazing skeleton-themed clothing this time of the year. You could pair this t-shirt with these leggings (my favourite look), or wear a dress. If it's a bit chilly out, maybe switch the t-shirt for a jumper or a sweater dress? Don't forget your accessories! These pieces are cool enough that you could wear them all year long whenever you felt a little gothic.

Do you guys like the skeleton look?
I hope I'm giving you some inspiration for this Halloween season!


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