Friday, 3 October 2014

Halloween Tutorial: The Mime

If there's one thing that I love about October, it's Halloween. From the first of the month, I'm already planning my costume, what I'm going to do, what candy I'm going to eat. Yes, I love Halloween, and I'd be a little annoyed if everyone didn't share my enthusiasm. Last year, I actually did two ~Halloween-inspired looks, mainly out of me watching too many tutorials on Youtube and wanting to try them out. I did a zombie look, and a flower nymph look. 

This year, I'm going to do four different looks, and I'll put a list of the products I used. The aim of this is to make it as affordable, easy, and cute for anyone who can never make up their mind about what to do for Halloween. My first look of the Halloween season? A mime! I've always wanted to go as a mime for Halloween for some odd reason, but I never have. This was so easy to do, it's the perfect last-minute costume.

First of all, this is what you'll need:
  1. White face paint (I picked mine up from Hobby Craft, but any face paint will do)
  2. A black pencil eyeliner
  3. A black felt tip liquid eyeliner
  4. Lipbalm
  5. A bright red lip stick/lip gloss/lip cream
  6. A matte black eyeshadow
  7. Makeup sponges
  8. Eyelash curler
  9. Black Mascara

First, you want to tie your hair back as to not get any paint on it. Then you're going to paint your entire face white, don't worry about going over your eyebrows or lips. Try to make it as opaque as possible, which might be hard to do when your makeup kit cost £5. You're going to take that black eyeshadow and over your entire lid (pack it on!) You can also use it on your brows to create a stark, almost cartoon-like appearance. To create a clean line, you can use the kohl eyeliner to create a proper circle around your lids. Then line your bottom lash line, connecting it to the corner of your lid. 

Then, you're going to use the felt tip eyeliner to draw thee triangles under your eyes. I find it easier to work with the pen as it gives me more control than using black face paint and a brush. Fill those triangles in, and then draw a little heart on your cheek because you're the kind of mime who will spread love. Finally, curl your lashes and put some mascara to really make your eyes pop. 

As for your outfit, most of this you'll be able to find in your wardrobe. I black and white striped shirt (I stole the boyfriend's), some black bottoms (skirt, skinny jeans, etc), and a pair of suspenders. DIY trick! If you don't have a pair of suspenders or can't afford them (or are too lazy to go to town like I was), you can use those long straps that come with your black purses. They usually have little clips you can clip onto your belt hoops, and adjust them to look like suspenders. It did the trick for my mini shoot.

Are you guys excited for Halloween?
What's the best costume you've ever worn?
Did you like this look?


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