Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My "No Makeup" Makeup Look

While I do wear a full-face of makeup for my days at work (That's what you get for working at a place that sells makeup), I much prefer to keep it super simple during the weekends. This is also the perfect Back To School look, because it's super simple and natural. All you need is these five simple items:

1. A Base
The best base for those "No Makeup" days? A BB cream. I have become so obsessed with my Garnier BB Cream, and I really want to try some other ones. You really feel like your skin can breathe with a BB cream, since it's so much lighter than a foundation. Plus, there's so many options out there - colour correction, blurring, etc - you'll have a BB cream for everything.

2. A concealer
Bobbi Brown said that if she could only use two makeup products, it would be a colour corrector and a concealer, and I have to agree. As long as I can get rid of my redness and the dark circles under my eyes, I look pretty decent. Right now, my favourite concealer is the Collection Long Lasting Concealer. It's very creamy, but doesn't settle into lines too much. Plus, I have yet to find a better coverage (but then again I haven't tried the one from NARS yet).

3. Eyeliner
Whether it's a simple wing with my liquid eyeliner, or just doing my tight line with a pencil one, eyeliner makes your eyes pop and generally only takes a few second to apply. There are even days where I might just skip the eyeliner all together because step #4 is what really makes your eyes look more awake.

4. Mascara (and a lash curler)
Once your lashes are long and voluminous, you already look so much better. It makes you look more awake and puts the focus on your natural eyes. My favourite mascaras right now are Benefit's They Real, the Body Shop's Super Volume Mascara, and Rimmel's Scandaleyes Mascara.

5. A tinted lip balm/Lipstick/Lip Gloss
Whatever your preference is, as long as you've got your own MLBB (my lips but better) product, then you're set. I don't like to go for a bold lips when the rest of my makeup is so simple, so instead I used this lip crayon (the best mix between a balm and a lipstick) which is easy to apply and gives your lips a nice wash of colour.

And here's a bonus pictures of the look for glasses!
What are your must-have products for a bare face?
Do you ever go makeup-free, or "makeup" makeup-free?


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