Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Moda Exhibition

I managed to snag two visitors tickets to the Moda exhibition. It's the biggest UK trade show, showcasing over 1450 brands and their newest collection for the next year. As it is a trade show, you can't purchase anything, only visit. Plus, everything is being sold at a super low price, since stores then sell it at the RRP which is usually a lot higher. For example, I saw a beautiful beaded dress price at £30, but it's RRP was £80! How crazy is that? It makes you realize how much the things you buy might actually be worth when initially both in large quantities by a certain store. Click below to see more since there are a lot of pictures!

We walked into the large convention centre and were met with so many different stands from so many brands. It was actually really fun to see all of these small brands I'd never heard of, although it was a little intimidating to walk through their booth and be met with disappointing eyes when they realized we weren't buyers. The best part was probably the runway shows, I really liked that. It was cool to see how they had different concepts for every style, I loved it.

The boyfriend, upon realizing there are actual underwear models in the Lingerie section of the exhibit.

I'm pretty sure this is what high-class prostitutes would wear.

I spent the entire show in awe at the pretty swimswear/lingerie, the boyfriend spent his time rating the models by the best bum.

Christmas sweaters! They actually had some that light up and played music, too cool. This was probably my favourite vendor, they were so sweet in telling us about their company. Much better than the ones who simply ignored us when they saw our visitor badges.

Have you ever gone to a trade fashion show?
It was pretty cool to see how the whole process of fashion merchandising works, but I wish I could have bought some items for myself! Who knows, maybe one day I'll see a few of these pieces in store.


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