Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year's Eve

Unlike most, the boyfriend and I started New Year's Eve with a post-party breakfast. We actually attended a late Christmas party the night before and the boyfriend was in dire need of some fried food to bring him back to life. I wanted crepes, but my favourite crepes place was closed down for the day. We settled for a breakfast spot near my house that makes the best eggs benedict I've ever had. The rest of our day was spent at home, recovering from last night's party. We were supposed to have people over but the homebody in me just did not want to deal with the drama and stress of planning a party for everyone else.

So instead of having people over, we last-minute canceled our party, ordered some sushi, still threw on our classiest outfits, and had a night to ourselves. It was perfect and I wouldn't have had it any other way, because the last time we spent New Year's together was two years ago, in Ireland. It was great to spend the evening together, drinking a few cocktails and eating all the sashimi in the world. We had so much food, it made for some excellent leftovers the day after. 

A 40-piece feast.

So much sashimi made me such a happy girl.

Some japanese dumplings.

My little cocktail, so delicious as it was lemon and blueberry flavoured.

Looking sharp.

We watched a bit of Bob's Burgers while eating, which is our favourite cartoon at the moment. Later on, we played darts for a bit (with his new dart board) and then settled in to watch New Year's Eve (so I could swoon over Zac Efron). Finally, we watched the ball drop on TV and went to bed. Quiet and perfect is all I could say about that night.

What did you do for NYE?
Do you prefer to go a party or have a night in?
Any resolutions for the next year?


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