Friday, 3 January 2014

Post-Christmas Sephora Haul

After Christmas, I decided to take a little trip to Sephora for a mini haul. I got a lot of gift cards for Christmas, including one for Sephora from my cousin (a genius idea) and some prepaid credit cards. So I took my gifted money and decided to splurge on some holiday kits, which I had been lusting after for ages. Read below to see which products I bought!

First, I picked up this No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner, which is a clear solution lip liner meant to keep your lipstick from feathering out or smudging. I'd heard about this from another blog, and I was dying to try it out because I wear a lot of darker shades on my lips and it is the most annoying thing in the world when they smudge out. I don't really ever use lip liners, but I'm quite happy with this product. It's basically impossible to tell if I've put it on right, since it's clear but I feel like my lipstick has a better staying power now with this. The only annoying thing is I rolled it out too much and now I can't get it back into the tube and I'm scared it'll break. #BeautyProblems

The second item I picked out, and I had a mini-freak out when I saw that they had in store again, was the Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Palette from Nars. I had read so many reviews about this palette and I am such a NARS fan since I bought a mini sample of NARS Super Orgasm blush a few months ago. This blush palette is to die for, it is so gorgeous. It comes with the following shades: Devotee Highlighting Blush (alabaster glow), Mistinguette Blush (bright pink), Orgasm Blush (peachy pink with golden shimmer), Laguna Bronzer (brown powder with golden shimmer), Deep Throat Blush (sheer peach) and Goulue Blush (medium pink). These blushes have a great colour payout, so you don't need to apply too much to see the final effect. I'm really happy I got my hands on this, because it had been sold out for weeks and the saleslady told me this was a random backup order they had received after the holidays.

From the gift sets they had a Sephora, I was originally going to get this massive set from Tarte which included some eyeshadows, a lot of lip gloss, and other makeup items. It retailed for about $71 CAD, but I decided not to get it because I never wear lip gloss. I really wanted to get something from Tarte because I keep hearing about how good their products are and I wanted to try something out while the value sets were available. I finally settled on this eyeliner set, which cost about $33 CAD because I always wear eye liner and the colours included were right in my range. So the set included three eyeliners (black, green, and brown), a mascara and two eyeshadow sticks (a golden brown and a darker brown). I am absolutely in love with the eyeshadow sticks, they last forever and the colours are gorgeous. The eyeliners are also pretty amazing, because they don't smudge as quickly as some other brands I've bought in the past. I think I may have found the perfect black eyeliner to use daily. The mascara was also pretty good, no complains about that. It doesn't clump or leave your lashes feeling heavier because of the product, so it's great for everyday wear.

Finally, this wasn't one of my purchases, this was actually a Christmas present from my parents - the Naked 3 Palette. Oh my god, can I just say I have been waiting for so long to get this? The moment I heard it was coming out, it was all I could talk about. It was probably one of those things I expected to get because it was the only thing I had been asking for. Can I just say it is definitely worth the hype? The colours are so beautiful and perfect and I love everything about this palette. I won't bother you with swatches because every beauty blogger has done these and I never do them out of pure laziness. But there are a few pictures of the palette because I started using it almost daily. I still love my Naked 2, but I think I'll be giving 3 more use in the next few weeks.

I am so happy with my purchases (and my present), it is a beauty addict's dream come true.
Have you received any fun beauty products for Christmas?
Did you score any good beauty deals for Boxing Day?


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