Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New Year Resolutions

Now, I normally am not one for resolutions. I mean, power to those who actually follow through with them but I'm such an underachiever sometimes that I don't see the point. Plus, the typical resolution of losing weight and working out more never apply to me because I'm a lazy bum.A little part of me always thinks I should work out more, but I've never been motivated enough to stick to it for more than a month. 

Anyway, I was reading through different bloggers resolution posts and I think I got a little inspired. It's small things, but doable challenges. i'm hoping to stick to them and I think that writing them down might help me. It's like a constant reminder that I really want to apply myself on these things. So, I won't keep you in suspense, here are my resolutions for the upcoming year (and hopefully forever):

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1. Drink more water

I'm pretty sure I try and do this every year, but maybe this year it'll actually work. Basically, my family and I have soda with our dinner every single night. All the time. I drink juice in the morning, but if I'm thirsty I'll usually have soda the rest of the day which is such a horrible habit. I've started carrying a bottle of water at school and to work (mainly because it would be too expensive to buy soda every day), but I want to try to fully incorporate water into my diet instead of soda. Hopefully, I can cut out soda entirely and only have it on certain occasion (like at the restaurant for example). I don't like saying I'll never have soda, because hey, we all have to indulge sometimes.

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2. Blog/Youtube more

I love blogging and although I'm fairly new to the whole thing I'm hoping to take it more seriously this year. I want to have more structured posts, take more pictures, and review more products. The product review is probably what I have to work on the most, since I always tend to stick to "This is awesome" as a general shtick. Youtube is a big challenge for me because it is so time consuming to plan and edit a video. I do love the interactivity of making videos and how I can really showcase my personality through them. I will try to stick to my monthly favourites videos and perhaps work on some more fashion videos. Hauls are always fun to do, but they're not very good on my bank account. 

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3. Read more

It's not like I don't read anything at all, because I consume blogs on a daily basis, but I want to read more books this year. I used to write a lot of fiction and I feel like it was because I read a lot, so I was more inspired by certain authors or books. I'm going to buy a few more books on Google Play once my mom hands me back my tablet (she took it on her travels) and try to read a book a month - a huge challenge because I am literally the slowest reader in the world. I also have a stack of books at home that I've yet to dig into. I always buy discounted books at Indigo or Chapters, yet they keep gathering dust.

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4. Learn to cook

So I know the basics, like cooking scrambled eggs, spaghetti bolognese, and making decent pancakes. I really, really want to challenge myself in the kitchen this year because it is such a useful skill to have and I don't want the boyfriend and I have to have spaghetti or quesadillas all the time when I move to the UK this year. I've recently purchased a new cookbook, which I will be doing a post on later on, and I'm hoping to find a recipe to cook every week. I've made the deal with my parents already - they supply the ingredients and I'll cook once a week for us. I'm probably going to start tabbing the recipes I want to try first.

Have you got any new resolutions for 2014?
Do you always stick to your resolutions or do you give up after a month?
I think mine are pretty achievable and I'm excited to see how well I get on.


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