Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A London Day Trip

The boyfriend and I hopped on a train from Birmingham to London last month, and decided to spend a whole day in the capital city. It was a strange day, as the public transport system failed up the entire day (delayed trains, closd tube stations, etc) but we still managed to have a nice day and I know that I'll be back there soon! There's always something to see in London, and I don't think I could ever run out of things to explore.

We went there to see the Art of the Brick exhibit (on display until the 12th of April!) at the Old Truman Brewery, and there will be a post all about the art we saw that day soon! Once we left the exhibit, we were starving and happen to run into an area of Shoreditch where there were food trucks. Amazing! we ended up eating at a Arepazo Bros, a Venezuelan food truck that specializes in the wonderful arepas and plantain chips. 

So delicious!

I love London, there's no doubt about it. Everything about that city is wonderful to me, and I find myself so lucky to live so close to it! I've already got so many ideas on what we'll do when we go back... soon.

I finally got to see Buckingham Palace during the day! Last time I was in London - three years ago - we tried to cram so much in one day that by the time we got to Buckingham Palace it was about 2 in the morning. Not the best time for a photo-op to say the least.

Then the boyfriend followed on a promise he had made three years ago, and he took me Harrod's. We actually spent quite a few hours walking through the different floors, and discovering the wonders of this gigantic store. Our favourite bit must've been the Disney/Toy area - it was full of giant props and games!

A tower of princesses, so adorable.

It's a giant Olaf! I wish I could've hugged him.

And I found a cool goat statue.


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