Sunday, 8 February 2015

Urban Decay Spring Collection

I was lucky enough to get an invite to the Urban Decay Blogger Event that showcased their new spring collection and wow! There's a reason why I always come back to this brand, it is definitely one of my favourite makeup brands - ever. You already know how addicted I am to their eyeshadows, their eyeliners are the best on the market (the only kind that never smudges on me), and their lipsticks couldn't be more beautiful. Let's just say anything Urban Decay always catches my attention. 

The new spring collection featured the Sheer Revolution Lipsticks, the Ultra Definition Powder Foundation, the Naked Concealer, Moondust Eyeshadows, and the Mascara Resurrection. I love how innovative most of the products were, and I would definitely want to try all of them. I don't have swatches of everything, but I did play around with the eyeshadows and the lipsticks a lot - and they are just as good as you'd imagine. 

I was definitely thinking of picking this up, but I really want to try the NARS Creamy Concealer first because it's been on my wish list for the last six months. This seemed really good, and while the name is quite a mouthful, it looked like it was really was weightless. It blended in really well, but I don't know how good it would be to cover dark under eyes. I only ever use concealer to cover dark circles, but I'm curious to try this out. 

I really wish I had gotten a swatch of the Moondust Eyeshadow because WOW. These were amazing! Urban Decay has come out with four new shades, each more beautiful than the last. These are super pigmented, and even the lightest swatch will give you a full wash of colour. They are very glittery, but not in the awful way cheap glitter eyeshadows look. This is classy glitter.

A really strange concept, the Resurrection Mascara is meant to be used on top of your regular mascara, when you want to top it up but it's gone all crunchy and hard. Very original idea, but probably not something I would buy straight away as I never really end up wearing makeup for that long and I'm probably one of the worst people when it comes to topping up any makeup. I never do it! The only thing I ever top up is my lipstick, and maybe blot my face if it's looking oily. 

I only took three swatches of the sheer lipstick and if I was a real blogger I would remember which shades these were, but oh well! I mainly wanted to show you guys how pigmented these are for being sheer lipsticks. Great colour payoff, but I think I still prefer their regular lipsticks better because I've never been much a sheer lipstick person. Still, some of these colours were very tempting to buy!

I didn't actually play around with the powder foundation because I only ever use liquid foundation (except for my one mineral powder foundation from bare minerals) and I don't think I would have the patience to use a powder foundation. Still, they had a really good variety of shades, and the packaging was spot on as always. 

We were given some little primer samples form the staff at Selfridge's (Thank you, girls!) and I picked up a Revolution Lipstick in Rapture. I thought it would actually look like a dark nude on my lips, but it actually looks just like my natural lip, which although isn't what I wanted, works really well. I always find like lipsticks never look like how they swatch once they're on my lips, but I guess that's up to me having strangely coloured lips - is that a thing?

And we finally got a nice group picture! It seems like we always forget to take one when we're at these events, so it was nice to have one with everyone who showed up. I found some familiar faces, some new faces, and it was such a great event. I really love these kind of events, because it's a lovely chance to make friend and discover some beautiful products. As if I needed more reasons to love Urban Decay!


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