Thursday, 26 June 2014

Soap & Glory Mini Haul

While I've been in the UK for almost a month now (oh my god), I didn't get around buying any new makeup until this week. I finally caved and did some shopping at Boots to pick up some highly coveted makeup that I could never get back home in Canada. First up, these three goodies from Soap & Glory which were all inspired by essiebutton's latest Brand Focus, where she talked about her favourite products from the brand. They were on a 3 for 2 offer at Boots, so I got the One Heck of a Blot Powder, the Kickass Concealer, and the Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick

First of all, how beautiful is the S&G packaging? We carry a few items from their line in Canada at the Pharmaprix drugstore, but they're pretty pricey for it being a budget brand here in the UK. I love the vintage-type packaging and the witty names. I've heard nothing but great things from the makeup range, so I'm very excited to try these products out in the next few days. I'll give my first impressions so far, having used these three products in the last few days.

I've never been a big fan of powder, although I do like to blot it on after using foundation to set my makeup. I love that this powder is perfect to throw into your purse, it comes with a mirror and a sponge. I'll probably be carrying this around for days when it's really hot outside and I can feel my makeup melting off.

I've heard so much about this concealer, which means I have huge expectations. So far, so good. I'm probably going to stick to the pinkish side of it, because the yellow doesn't hide my dark circles as well. It might be good for areas where I might have some redness though. I love that this comes with a small mirror, some setting powder and a sponge. It's super easy to apply with your finger, so I think I'll keep this in my purse for touch-ups during the day.

Now this last product, I really loved. The colour looks super neon and bright, but it actually looks very natural on my lips. It is super glossy and a great addition if you're looking for an everyday lip product that is easy to apply. I think this would be awesome to wear on those no-makeup makeup days, because it really worked well with my natural lip colour.

UK readers, any other makeup products from S&G I should try?
I've always used their skin care products, but I had no idea where to start with the makeup.
Lemme know in the comments which products from S&G are your favourites!


  1. I'm a big fan of the blotting powder and kick ass concealer. Their highlighter, solar powder bronzer and Brow Archery is amazing! Casey // Atopsyturvyblog.

  2. I absolutely love the S&G powder from the Kick Ass concealer. It is the most amazing powder I have ever used (although it comes in the tinest amount for a ridiculous price considering I don't like the actual concealer).
    A quick tip for that powder is avoid flash - it must have light reflecting particles in it and you will look like a ghost. The amount of photos on my phone of me looking like Casper is surprising. I still love it though (I don't mind the ghost look!)

    Rachael at