Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I Call It Home

Now I know a few of my friends have been dying to see what my new home looks like. I decided to give you guys a teeny house tour, because not everything is finished yet. I have a few ideas for decorating, but I'm waiting until I get a job until I start that. For now, the boyfriend and I have bought the necessities since we basically started from scratch with the new flat. It's a lovely house-like flat, and it's an extension of our landlord's home. It's very private and there is plenty of windows (which I personally love). Anyway, we live in a nice neighborhood, there's plenty of parks, a shop a mere 2 minutes away on foot, and a shopping center super close by. Above there is our tiny kitchen, where we've already been cooking delicious meals, such as paella and quesadillas. I'm a decent cook, but I always leave the biggest mess.

A little list notepad I brought from Canada. This was purchased at Indigo, and it's been really handy to stick to budget.

The theme in our kitchen? Red! I love the pop of colour of our appliances/cookware.

My shoes have a semi-permanent home in a corner of our living room, since our bedroom is so small. Ideally, I would like for them to be upstairs, but they don't take up too much space so far. I have yet to find the perfect shoe rack, since most racks aren't suitable for boots/heels.

There's a large window in our living room (you'll see it below), so I've started to use the windowsill has a place to decorate. Pictured above are a photo album from Urban outfitters, a notebook from Indigo, some Yankee candles, and a weird-looking hand I picked up in a charity shop.

On the other hand, there's a wooden plaque (it reads 'Our Happy Ever After'), a vase with some fresh flowers, another candle, my polaroid camera, and a heart-shaped basket filled with my hair bows. I was initially going to use it for fruit, but it works well as storage for now.

The window, along with the boyfriend who was watching Orange Is The New Black, our new obsession. We watched the entire second season in one weekend, and he's now watching the first season.

The massive television, along with a new TV stand we bought at IKEA. We'd love to get a bluray player eventually, but we watch a lot of Netflix for now, and occasionally download some films. 

Our coffee table as it usually looks. We are both children of the 'watching-television-while-eating' category, so those placemats are now a permanent fixture. The dining table is very small and in an awkward corner, which is why we don't like to use it. 

While at IKEA, we fell in love with this bizarre fish pillow and we have named him Lisel. He is our pretend pet until we get a real one.

Our bedroom has these strange shelves to store clothes in, so I got IKEA bins to keep things as tidy as possible. I hate the look of having my clothes out in the open like this, but there's not much I can do for now. Anyone have any creative suggestions? The annoying part about these shelves is that they're triangle shaped, so I can't have anything too tall going into them. 

The "makeup" station. So much work to be done here, I want to get some Muji storage so it's all out of sight. 

By my window, I've plopped my perfume bottles for now, but I think I'd like flowers instead.

The bedroom. Our sheets were from Tesco, and I love the pictures of buildings all over them. 

We have a small clothing rack on the other side of the room, which is super useful for shirts and dresses. Things won't get as wrinkly now!

Well, that's a small tour of our home for now.
More pictures will come in the upcoming weeks, as I keep on decorating.
My next project? Picture frames!


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