Saturday, 14 June 2014

Oakwood Theme Park

The boyfriend and I have been spending our last vacation days in Pembrokeshire, Wales with his family. It's been nothing but sun, pubs, and golf. After spending almost two weeks trying to get settled in, it was the perfect way to decompress. We decided to spend one day at Oakwood Theme Park, which is the only theme park in Wales! I had never been before, but the boyfriend had plenty of childhood stories that happened in this park. Anyway, this is a photo heavy post, so click below to see how we spent our day. 

I'm pretty sure no one could pay me enough to go on one of these bungee-jump rides.

Smiling in front of Megafobia, which was insanely jittery! I came out of that ride with such a headache, I wouldn't recommend going on it three times in a row as some kids seemed to be doing. Am I getting too old for these rides?

Another ride I could never go on, I'm not a fan that "dropping" feeling, so I avoid these rides like the plague.

The boyfriend, on the other hand, loves them.

I'm pretty sure you find these odd shooting ranges in every amusement park. This one was so fun though, mainly because of the weird puppets that moved when you hit a target.

This is probably the boyfriend's favourite ride and it took some serious convincing on his part before I went on it. I hated it though! It was too much for me, but we met a kid who had gone on it 34 times last summer... I call recount because that's insane. 

Look at that drop! I'm pretty sure I've never seen a coaster that goes back onto itself like this one does, it was so scary.

Strangely enough, the going up at a 90 degree angle part was one of the scariest bits - I hate not being able to see the ground!

While I swore I'd never go back on it (ever), the boyfriend went back a few more times. He loved it! I managed to snap a few shots of him acting like a little kid on sugar while riding Speed. How did he find the time to throw a thumbs up at me? I was trying to crawl back into my seat when I was on it. 

Ah, small boats in a pond... Now that's my kind of ride.

We kept Drenched for the very end because of obvious reasons... I didn't want to have to walk around in my soaked clothes for too long. We have a similar ride in Montreal called Le Splash, but this gets you way more wet! The splash from this ride is huge, there was no way not to get soaked on it.

A nice, wet look before heading back home.

Have you ever gone to Oakwood?
What's your favourite park in the entire world?
Are you a roller coaster person or do you like the spinning rides?


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