Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Fabulous Thrift Find of the Week

I went to the Salvation Army with my mom on Monday, because she wanted to find some mason jars for storage. They're really trendy right now, and they always have a lot at the thrift store! Although we didn't actually buy any, I did find something that was petty amazing and it's these beautiful leather shoes.

I don't really go for this type of heels, but they looked like such a classic pair of shoe that every girl should own. They're completely black and they don't have any visible scuff marks, so I'm guessing they weren't worn very much. After a quick internet researrch, I found them on sale on the website. The best part? They retail for $119.00 and I got them for $5.00! How crazy is that? They're also made of leather, so I'm guessing they'll be pretty durable. They were comfy enough when I tried them on, but I think I'll have to break them in a bit. Anyway, I'm in love. These shoes will totally dress up my skinny jeans, and they'll look fab with a cute spring dress.


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