Monday, 28 March 2016

Geneva & Bern

Back in January, I was actually sent to Switzerland because of work, and spent three days exploring this snowy country. I'll actually skip the first day, because we (my colleague and I) arrived quite late, went to dinner, and then headed straight back to our hostel. Bit of a boring first day, but we definitely made up for it on the next two!

Woke up bright and early the second day to catch a train to Bern. It was probably the most enjoyable train ride I've ever taken because of the beautiful landscape you see on the way. Snowy mountains and fields, I definitely knew I was in Switzerland. I truly felt like I was in another world, so far away from rainy Britain.

The Federal Palace of Switzerland.

There were loads of beautiful monuments and statues scattered all around Bern. A lot of them were bear-themed, which I thought made the city so unique.

Delicious treats!

The Bern clocktower.

I loved seeing all of the snowy rooftops, it reminded me of Canada.

Bears! You can actually see real bears are the Bear Pit, but as we quickly remembered... bears hibernate in the winter! You can still view them thanks so some handy cameras and see them sleeping peacefully. Bern has a funny history with bears, and it was really interesting to see how you could find little bear elements everywhere.

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Bern Theatre.

A couple of hours later, we finished our exploring and headed back to Geneva to go to the Old Quarter. As we hadn't had a chance to see any of it the day before, we thought we best see a bit before it got dark.

Our evening ended with the most delicious meal I have ever had at the Restaurant Edelweiss. If you're ever in Geneva, I would definitely recommend going to this place! The food was delicious, the cheese fondue was amazing, and the entertainment was really fun. They have live music and the entire atmosphere of the restaurant really makes it feel like you're in Switzerland.

A cheese fondue starter.

The Oompah band!

Sausage and chips, delicious.

Ice cream for dessert.

We visited mid-week, and it wouldn't surprise me if this place is fully booked every night because the food is really great. You can see more information and make a reservation right here.

Have you been to Geneva or Bern before?
Have you been to Switzerland before - where did you go?


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