Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Currently Coveting

Since Christmas has passed, and Valentine's Day/the Husband's birthday are coming, I have been on a bit of a spending ban. I haven't bought a single items other than a pair of black jeans from AE because my old ones have a rip in the inner thighs (damn you, tuna thighs). Guys, it's been hard. I miss shopping! I think I have such a high of shopping while I was in Canada, because I'm a firm believer of living it up when you're on holiday. Now I have to deal with the sadness that is budgeting, bank account balancing, and penny pinching.

This doesn't mean that I can't dream a little, and on the "dream" list are the following:

A new iPhone case! This would go great with a new iPhone 6S, which I am still planning on getting once my contract ends in May. For the time being I'm stuck with my shitty little Nokia of a replacement phone. Sadness. But the day will come when I can get a new iPhone and I will house it in this beautiful instagram-worthy case fro Casetify - on another note, who else is obsessed with this website?

I am dying for a new work bag. I've had my current one for over two years and it is starting to look the part unfortunately. I love it because it's so roomy that I can fit my iPad, lunch, and makeup bag without having to carry around multiple bags, but it's seen better days. Plus, part of me thinks I should really stop carrying food in my purse because wow odour. This shopper bag from Accessorize is budget-friendly and cute!

Aw, these boots. You guys. These are the boots. You know when you find a pair of boots and they're on sale and they have your size and they're comfortable and cute? These are the boots. I saw them in Schuh over three weeks ago and I'm still dreaming of them. I wanted to get them after payday but I don't really need them or have the money for them in spite of them being on sale. I think these will be forever on my list of the "one that got away".

Furry pom poms! I love them on hats and keyrings. There really isn't much to say about this other than it would love oh so adorable on my new purse.

I'm following with the theme of the new purse, I also really need a new wallet. I've had my current MK wallet for over... four years. Yikes. It still looks in great condition, except for the little plaque that has been scratched to death, but at this point I'm just tired of it. It doesn't look very nice on the inside either, and I could really do with an upgrade. I love this wallet from Kate Spade.

Yes, I have been lusting for these Frends headphones for years now. Years! I saw them in Canada and they're actually cheaper for me to buy them over there, so I am thinking maybe for a birthday treat to myself I'll ask my parents to ship them over? They're just so pretty ! I had the chance to try them in a shop in Canada and they were quite good - definitely will be buying these one day.

I'd love to hear what's been on your coveted list? New clothes? New makeup?


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