Thursday, 6 November 2014

Cohorted Mini Haul

Have you heard of the website Cohorted? No? Have you been living under a rock? If you love makeup and you live in the UK, you have to check it out. This is how it works for all you non-cohorted folks: every Monday at 6 pm, Cohorted puts out 4 fabulous beauty items for sale. If you want to buy it, you join a cohort, and the more people join - the bigger the discount! They'll always tell you what the maximum discount will be, so you'll have a clear idea of what amount you could save. They have some of the latest items, and some great classics.

So far I've bought three items on Cohorted: the Naked Basics 2 palette (£15.40), the Benefit Gimme Brow in Dark Brown (£13.30), and the Real Techniques Starter Set (£12). In total, I've saved £13.80, which is pretty good if you ask me. Plus, you get loyalty points with every purchase, which you can eventually exchange against items on the site!

Also, I have to give Cohorted a massive shoutout, because my Naked Basics 2 palette was actually lost in the mail. I contacted them about it and they send me another one, plus two goodies (a L'Oreal foundation and a Dolce & Gabbana Eyeliner Crayon intense - amazing)! The customer service is really spot on, so I really recommend the website to anyone who loves a bargain. Plus, there's free shipping which is basically the only reason I ever order online.

Have you used Cohorted before?
What's the best bargain you've scored?


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