Wednesday, 6 April 2016

A Day in Oxford

This past Easter weekend, the husband and I decided to stay home and truly relax. It was a weekend of spring cleaning, cooking, and watching films. It was beautiful. We also took advantage of the 4-day weekend to check off one of the many UK cities on my bucket list and visit Oxford!

We found some cheeky free parking and headed off to the city center with zero plans. All I knew was that I wanted to see the famous Oxford University! Which it turns out is actually many different colleges and buildings. Above is the Oxford Castle, a very small, but pretty sight you can visit with a tour. We decided to opt out because we are cheap, but took some pretty pictures there anyway. There's quite a few restaurants/pubs near the Castle if you're hungry.

Oxford is so pretty! I was completely enamored with the beautiful buildings and historic sights. We snatched a Hop-Off Hop-On bus map and used this to guide ourselves around the city and see the main sights.

Radcliffe Camera. We stumbled upon a walking tour by Radcliffe Camera and just joined it mid-tour. I wish we would have started with the group from the beginning, but we still caught a good hour of the tour and learned so much about Oxford.

I would definitely recommend taking a guided tour in this city, otherwise you'll be spending the day staring at buildings with no idea about what they are.Our guide also told us plenty of stories about the city's past and interesting tidbits about famous students who attended in the past, including Lewis Carroll and CS Lewis!

The door that inspired The Chronicles of Narnia!

The Bear is the oldest pub in the city - I wish we would have stopped for a pint!

Our group!

Christ Church. This is where you can find the Grand Hall where Harry Potter was filmed. I think I'll have to make an effort and go in next time! Our guided also recommend, if you're ever in Oxford in the evening, to go to the Evensong in the cathedral.

After our tour was done, we tipped our guided (this was one of those pay-as-you-wish tours) and headed to the Ashmolean Museum, which has free admission. There was an Andy Warhol exhibit on show, but this is a special exhibit with an extra cost.

My favourite room.

Have you ever been to Oxford?
We want to go back this summer - any recommendations?


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