Wednesday, 31 August 2016

What to Pack for Germany in August

I have to start this post by saying that August is normally quite warm in Germany. We were expecting weather in the high 20's, but were surprised with some rain and chilly evenings! With this in mind, I recommend you always traveled prepared, and remember that layers are your best friends.

Here is what I brought with me on our 8-day trip to Germany (bear in mind, that I made sure these items were quite good to mix and match, and would dry easily if I needed to give them a quick wash):

Sweatshirt; arka (similar here); T-shirt dress (similar here); Denim shorts; Jeans; Sandals; Sneakers; A-line skirt; Tank top; T-shirt; Sweatshirt

This is the one thing I didn't actually pack, but had to purchase when I was there! You see, it was quite chilly in the evening in Germany, but not chilly enough for a parka. A sweatshirt was the perfect item to tie around my waist and put on top of my t-shirt once it got dark.

The perfect top to wear with shorts, jeans, or skirts! I brought one black tank top and one grey tank top, which I just mixed and match when it was really warm.

Dresses that are basically just an extra long t-shirt are great for many reasons. One, they oh so comfortable and loose, which means you can eat an apple strudel and ice cream every day and not feel like a whale. Two, they take up so little space and hardly wrinkle because they're made of cotton! Also, if you fancy a night out, they can easily be dressed up with a pair of heels and some accessories, which is what I would've done if I was the kind of cool girl that went out partying when travels. Alas, I wouldn't dare sacrificing my early wake up to take in the sights before the hordes of tourists arrive.

I love a-line skirts because they're simple, feminine, and flirty. They look just as good with sandals or sneakers, and I can wear them with either a tank top or a sweatshirt (if it's a bit cold!) The one I brought it actually a navy blue number that I got in the Urban Outfitters sale, but I couldn't find it online anymore. This black one from ASOS would be a great addition to any packing list.

I recently bought this great parka from Gap that comes with a shearling lining that can be removed it need be. While I needed the lining on our first day in Munich because it was quite cold and windy, I was able to remove the lining when the weather perked up a bit.

A must for any summer holidays, let's be real!

I can't recommend enough getting a good pair of walking sandals, and my Birkenstocks fit just the bill. If you're in Germany, I'd even recommend buying them in Germany, where they originate from, as you'll be buying local and they will be much cheaper than back home! I remember longing for a pair of these back in Canada, where they cost up to $100, while you'll find them for about 40€ to 60€ in Germany. These were so comfortable, and I'll certainly be taking them on any summer holiday from now on.

You can't get me away from my Adidas Superstars, they're on my feet almost every weekend because they are so comfortable! Again, you'll be walking a lot while you're visiting Germany, so comfort is key. From cobbled streets to steep hill, these babies will do wonders for your feet. Plus, sneakers are a fashion essential these days, so long are the gays where only the tourists sported white sneakers!

A good t-shirt is always an essential, especially if you want to protect yourself a bit more from the sun. I love these ones from The Gap, because they're very breezy and never lose their colour after a wash.

On the same note as the parka, sometimes the weather won't cooperate and you'll simply need a good pair of jeans to keep you going. I recommend going for a dark wash, something that can be dressed up or down. Recently, I bought some high-rise jeans from Hollister and they are a perfect fit!

What do you think of my Germany packing list?
Is there anything you would have brought with you?


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