Saturday, 31 May 2014

Terminal 5, Gate 14

Today's the big day. I'm currently sat in JFK airport, listening to Nina Nesbitt and wondering how I got here. I'm a couple of hours away from boarding a plane that will take me all the way to the UK and I don't have a return flight for once.

I kept telling everyone I was going to cry like a baby at the airport, but that wasn't the case. I did shed a few tears when I saw my parents get choked over me leaving, but once I boarded my first place, I felt okay. It felt like I was going to something good and familiar and exciting. When I first left for the UK (almost three years ago) for my study abroad semester, I cried a lot. I was completely petrified to go to a new country and I had no idea what to expect.

Things are a little more stable now because I know I'm going to be greeted by the best boy in the world, I'm going to see old friends, and familiar sights. I'm going to explore a new city, throw myself into a job hunt, and hopefully succeed at this new chapter in my life.

I am incredibly grateful for everyone who has ever helped me get to this airport terminal, including my best friends who showed me how brave I could be, my parents who allowed me to be completely selfish, and my family who will always let me there is a home for me in Canada, Peru or Chile, or wherever else they can be found.

This is a short one you guys, I hope that's okay.

ps. There's a little bird in the terminal.


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