Friday, 30 May 2014

Mother's Day

My mom and I had a lovely Sunday a few weeks ago on Mother's Day, and I thought I'd share with you guys what we got up to. I treated her to a great breakfast at Breakfast Club, a local restaurant I love because they have some really nice breakfast meals, and then we walked around Dix30 for a couple of hours. The day was insanely nice and sunny, which was all we could ask for after the silly winter we had. Anyway, click below to see what we got up to that day.

Mama looking so trendy with her jacket from H&M.

Every time someone gives me coffee, I fill it with cream and sugar. It's basically not even real coffee in the end. 

Omelettes! I just had scrambled eggs.

Dix30, my second home because I'm a shopaholic. I bought a travel pillow that day and I'm so excited to use it, you have no idea.

Free flowers! I'm not even kidding, we took about four flower pots and ran off as if we had stolen something. But they were free, I swear! I think people were meant to only take one but my mom wanted to redo her garden.

The OOTD picture. I'm still not sure how I feel about the maxi skirt trend on my tiny frame, because I think it makes me look too short. My mom says I'm insane, but who knows? I'm still holding on the skirt because it's a great staple and sometimes I don't feel like shaving my legs.

What did you get up this Mother's Day?
Did you spoil your mother?
Te quiero, Mama.