Monday, 24 March 2014

Forever 21 Floral Haul

Oh, I did a little damage last week. I was feeling a little down in the dumps, so I figured that was reason enough to treat myself. Plus, all the florals in Forever 21 were just making me crave spring. I'm so disappointed because there was actually another snowstorm this weekend and I probably won't wear those beautiful shorts for another three months, but oh well. Everything was reasonably price, as is usually the deal with Forever 21 clothing. Fun fact, I actually worked there for two years when they first came to Montreal, and I was put off the clothing for so long after I quit. I guess I had seen enough of their styles, so everything looked horrible to me. I feel like they might be stepping up their game though, because I'm seeing more and more things I like. They are really good for finding trendy bits at a reasonable price, because who wants to pay $30 for a pair of floral shorts, I'm looking at you Brandy Melville.

First is this great floral t-shirt, which is very loose-fitting and so casual cool. I actually wore this out today and it's such a versatile shirt, it could go with everything. I can see it tucked into a skater skirt, or worn with a pair of jeans. Plus, I love dark florals, because they're so easy to wear all year round. If I'm not mistaken, this was $10.80 or so.

They had a whole rack of cropped floral tops, and although most of them looked way too cropped for me to wear (#bigboobiesproblems), this one was long enough not to look like a bandeau. I got this in a medium, because I didn't want it be completely skin-tight, although it's not as loose-fitting as the previous shirt. This is such a fun and flirty shirt, I'm really excited to wear it with high-waisted anything really. The colours are a bit too bright to be wearing right now, because there's still snow on the ground and it depresses me. This was $9.80, I believe.

Ah, and finally, my most coveted piece. I had actually seen these in store a few weeks ago and I kept myself from buying them, thinking I would let some time before falling to another trend. I tried them on and oh my god, they are so cute. They were $16.80, which is honestly super cheap because I've seen this similar style in other stores and they are always so overpriced. They're so cute, and I can't wait until it's summer time and I can wear these out. They're almost like a wear mix of a pajama short and a floral print, which is totally perfect because hello - comfort and cuteness. I am so in love with these, they're going to look great with a white cropped shirt, or a loose t-shirt.

Anyway, that's my mini haul for today! I hope you guys enjoy watching these posts, I know they're not as plentiful because that would break my wallet let's be honest. But I love finding little bits and pieces to add to my wardrobe, while not buying an entire new one completely. Although how much fun would that be?

Am I the only one who's obsessed with floral anything?
I guess spring just brings that out in me.
Plus, daisy prints seemed to be super popular this season.