Friday, 21 February 2014

An Afternoon with Peter Doig

My mom and I decided to take advantage of my few days off (thank god for reading week) and went to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. I missed the last exhibit they had, so I really wanted to go to the Peter Doig one before it closed. It's not so much that I know anything about Doig (I don't) but I want to take advantage of my membership before I leave. Plus, it's always good to get a little culture in your life, isn't?

My date for the day, looking as fabulous as ever.

Being pensive.

This was my favourite painting. Doig tends to create very dark, depressing-looking pieces. This was meant to show five imaginary boys, going into the imaginary paradise that we image Trinidad to be (which is where Doig is from). I loved the story behind this piece, I thought it was really cool. 

I really loved this part of the exhibit. Apparently, Doig opened up a weekly film club in 2003 called StudioFilmClub. He painted the poster of the weekly film, which resulted into these cool interpretations of films. I really loved these, in spite of me not recognizing most of the films on the wall. 

Some of Peter Doig's sketches.

Then we decided to walk around some of the permanent exhibits. 

Don't even ask.

This was such a cool piece, because from far away I would have sworn it was a photograph. Turns out that the closer you get it, it reveals that it's a painting! This is a palace in Portugal, which sounds like one of those places I'll have to add to my bucket list. 

There is also a small exhibit about comic artists who basically created comics based on specific art pieces. This was so creative, I loved it. Plus, this exhibit is free, so I would definitely recommend it. 

After the museum, we had a lovely meal at a Korean restaurant and went home. It was so nice to spend the day out with my mom, especially since she's been all cooped up since her stay at the hospital. I'm really glad we got to chance to check out this exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The Peter Doig exhibit is on display until May 4th.


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