Sunday, 16 February 2014

A Valentine's Day Dinner

So on February 14th, my mom and I decided to cook a nice, homemade dinner because a) I'm a sad girl whose boyfriend lives in another continent, and b) being budget-friendly is always in fashion. I had been so excited to try this recipe out since I saw it in my cookbook, and my mom finally got all the ingredients we needed. This recipe was under the seafood section, and it's scallops with cirtrus and quinoa. I've never had quinoa before so it was really fun to cook something completely new. It was fairly easy to do, as most of the recipes in this book are done in less than an hour. It didn't require too many ingredients, and most were easy to find.

The scallops were so easy to make! I really liked these.

I'm not going to lie - I wasn't the biggest fan of quinoa. I think I like rice much better. My parents loved it though, I think they're going to start using it as a substitute for rice sometimes. Maybe with another topping I might like it better?

My mom made these delicious little "eggs wrapped in bacon cups" things, they were amazing. I mean, who doesn't love a nice egg wrapped up in bacon. They were so easy to make! This could be a nice breakfast addition too. 

The finished plate, presentation is key.

It was so nice to have this dinner with my family, especially since my mom was in the hospital for the most of the last few weeks. She's all better now and I'm so grateful that she's back home. I was the typical third wheel on their Valentine's day dinner, as I have always been ever since I was a kid. My parents hate to not include me on their activities, plus I think we're really appreciating the time we have together before my big move in the summer. 

What did you get up to for Valentine's day?
The boyfriend's present is coming to me in the mail soon!
I'm really excited to see what he got me. (:


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