Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Apple Picking

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my parents and I decided to go apple picking because a) I had been dying to go and b) it would be a great excuse to take a million pictures for the blog. I'm so lame, I plan out activities because they give me a reason to whip out my camera. Anyway, it was such a beautiful day, it almost didn't feel like October. The weather has been a lot colder lately, and I can't believe it was only a few weeks ago that I was talking around in a plain shirt with no coat on. We drove all the way to Mont St-Gregoire, which is about 30 minutes away from our house. We went to the Denis Charbonneau Orchard and Cidery. 

This was such a lovely orchard! It was huge, we had to take a little tractor ride to get to the apples. There was also a cidery, where my parents purchase an apple cider. They also had a lot of activities for families, like a small farm, some playground games, and makeup for children. You could buy prepackaged apples, or go pick your own which is the most popular option I think. They also had a little shop full of apple products, from jams to oils and pies. We took a pie home and it was amazing.

Here's a confession, I've never carved a pumpkin for Halloween. I remember a few years ago, my parents and I bought one with the intention of carving it, but we kept putting it off and it was rotten by the end of it. We just finished putting up our Halloween decorations this weekend, so we're really lazy when it comes to doing these holiday activities. Maybe one day I'll carve my first pumpkin!

I think I can photoshop the boyfriend's face on here later.

There was a baby goat in the farm and it was the cutest thing I had seen. I want one now. 

Have you ever been apple picking?
Or maybe pumpkin picking?
Are you as obsessed with farms as I am?
My boyfriend always finds it hilarious how mesmerized I am by farm 
animals when I go to Wales, since cows and sheep are pretty routine over there.


  1. love those pictures... i whis i can go back to Fall my favorite season of the year