Friday, 25 October 2013

Chihuly: Utterly Breathtaking

My cousin and I had planned to go see the Chihuly exhibit at the Fine Arts Museum for ages, but we never got around to it. Luckily, when I thought my chance to see was out of the picture, they extended it! Do I need another clue? So went bought our tickets and went with a couple of friends. I had been so curious about this exhibit ever since my last trip to the museum a couple of weeks ago. I didn't know anything about the artist, but I was really looking forward to seeing his work.

To be honest, the exhibit was surprisingly short. It took less than an hour to see everything and by the time we came out, I couldn't help but ask, "Is that it?" I really wanted to see more! Still, it was so, so, so beautiful. Everything took my breath away and I wanted my own Chihuly piece for my home. It would look so pretty, wouldn't it?

Dale Chihuly is an American glass sculptor. He works with blown glass to create these unique, wonderful pieces that almost look alien. They reminded me a lot of the kind of creatures you could find undersea. Also, how great would it would be for a film to be set in a world that looked like his creations? It would as impressed as Avatar if you ask me. It was a really great exhibit, mainly because of how intricate and complicated some of his pieces looked. I couldn't help but really want to touch one of them, although I didn't dare. Apparently, Chihuly works with a lot of different glasses to create dots and specks on his pieces. He'll layer different coloured glasses, which I thought was really impressed since I initially thought it was all painted glass.

Click behind the cut to see the rest of the photos, because this is a picture heavy post. Also, thanks to Sarah for taking most of the pictures. I let her go crazy with my camera and some of her shots are amazing!

Have you ever heard of Dale Chihuly?
How fabulous do some of these chandeliers look?
It looks like something out of a dream, doesn't it?


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