Monday, 20 May 2013

Le Roy Pendu

Last friday evening, I was leaving work when I got a call from my best friend, Val. She invited me out to try out some tapas at the bistro Le Roy Pendu. I had never heard of this place before, and with an "all-you-can-eat" menu from 5 to 8, it seemed like a deal I couldn't pass up. So I took the metro to Montreal and ended up in Plateau Mont Royal for some delicious food.
Upon being seated, our server explained to us how the "all-you-can-eat" deal worked. They would bring us everything on the menu, from ceviche to risotto, and then you could order whatever you liked best. Seems like a great concept, no? The idea was good, the execution was awful. The service was insanely long, as it took them all but three hours to get through the 12 to 15 plates. The portions were extremely small, which is understandable for a tapas bar, but really annoying when you're waiting ten to twenty minutes in between morsels. 

Our Groupon deal included a cocktail each, which was a great value for the price. 

Some of the menu's highlights were the cheese and bruschetta bread, pictured above. I could have eaten twenty of those if they managed to bring more to our table. I also really loved the fried calamari, but you can never really go wrong with that. Their chicken was lovely, but getting one measly leg per customer was very disappointing. I come from a family where we can all eat at least five of these in one sitting.


All in all, I wouldn't really recommend this place to anyone. The service was very slow, we weren't able to get second servings of everything as promised (They ran out of mussels after one teeny plate), and some of the dishes we were looking forward to were complete letdowns (I'm looking at you "ceviche"). Sadface because I was really looking forward to having some tapas, because the last time I ate that was in Wales.


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