Friday, 27 May 2016

The Best Damn Polish for £1.60

After 24 years on this Earth, I can finally say I have found my dream nail polish brand and the best part is this one comes at a very, very low price of £1.60.

Yes, you've read that right. £1.60.

I'm talking about the Essence The Gel Polish, which I only discovered through the amazing Jasmine Talks Beauty. You see, I won a lovely little giveaway months ago (actually back in 2014!) and received a little box filled with makeup goodies from Jasmine. Along the few bits and bobs were three nail polishes from Essence, which were quickly dumped in my nail polish drawer to go unused for ages.

You guys, I judged the nail polishes. I'd seen Essence makeup back home in Canada being sold in the drugstore, but I was never drawn to it because of its slightly childish packaging. Plus, the price point was so low that I couldn't imagine it being very good. How very wrong I was.

This nail polish is amazing!

So amazing that I tracked it down in Wilco (The only UK retailer as far as I know) and bought three more colours. Now the color selection isn't great, and there's a few shimmery shades that just aren't for me. I really hope they bring out more colours, but who knows?

The three polishes I won from Jasmin.

The ones I purchased from Wilco.

In the past, I've used both Essie and Barry M nail polishes, but neither were very impressed. They usually lasted a couple days before something chipped and I have to remove the whole lot. The colours were amazing, so I made do with the slightly short lifespan. These Essence polishes last for 7 days. I repeat, 7 days.

All it takes is one base coat (I used the Barry M Nail Paint!), two coats of Essence polish (keep them thin, so they don't become gloopy and chip off), and one top coat. The colours last on average 7 days, and by then I usually remove it simply because I've grown bored of it.

Have you tried nail polish by Essence?
Should I give their other products a go? Any recommendations?
What si your favourte brand of nail polish?


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