Sunday, 3 May 2015

A Weekend in København

Last month, the boyfriend and I took took a weekend trip to Copenhagen and it was such a great time. we actually drove all the way from Pembrokeshire to Luton Airport on Thursday, which was completely exhausting, but a good drive either way. We've always been the sort of couple to go either way on a driver - we'll fight non-stop or it'll be a smooth ride. We made it to the airport on time, caught our flight, and landed in Copenhagen around 8 pm. Want to see what we got up in our two full days? Read below!

Per usual, we rented out a flat on Airbnb (this is the exact one if you're curious!) and it was so beautiful. So far, we've rented in Paris and Copenhagen and we've never been disppointed. It's always cheaper than renting a hotel, and you usually get a lot more freedom. We cooked breakfats ourselves both mornings, which saved us a little money rather than eating out. On the first night, we got in pretty late so we got a takeaway and ate back at the flat. 

Our little kitchen.

The boyfriend resting up after a long trip.

On Friday, we ventured out with a plan to see as much of Copenhagen as we could. We decided to walk to the center of town, as it was only about 20 minutes away from our flat. I captured bits of the city as we walked.

This is Copenhagen's central station. This is where you'll end up when you take the train from the airport, and this is also where you can catch a train to Sweden apparently! Europe is so easy when it comes to traveling and it amazes me every time.

Look at all the bikes! I didn't have a clue how bicycle-crazy Copenhagen was, but it's truly the perfect city to bike everywhere - everything is so flat. We even ended up renting bikes for the day, which made it so much easier getting around. I would definitely recommend renting a bike if you're visiting, you'll see a lot more of the city than if you were walking. I'm not particularly talented on a bike, but the city is designed in a very bike-friendly way.

Being a tourist.

Our first stop was the Christianborg Palace. It was actually pretty empty when we visited, but we did see the underground ruins and some royal horses. It's such a different style of building when you compare it to the castles of Britain.

Christianborg Palace.

These were the bikes we rented and yes, I did have to rent a child's bike. #ShortGirlProblems

Nyhavn is pretty much what you'll see if google images of Copenhagen. It used to be a commercial port a long time ago, but these days it's filled with restaurants, shops, and it's the perfect place to relax after a long day. We decided to grab lunch here before setting up with our bicycles. 

We decided to go for a Danish speciality - the Smørrebrød, which is basically an open-faced sandwich. The boyfriend had a chicken and bacon one, and I went for a shrimp and avocado one. There were really good, although a little messy to eat. How do the Danish do it? My toppings kept falling off!

Nyhavn reminded me so much of Amsterdam, with all the canals and colourful homes.

After lunch, we grabbed our bikes and went on a quest to find the Little Mermaid statue I had heard so much about. And then we found her, the Little Mermaid. She's as tiny as everyone told she was, and quite, quite popular. She was one of the few attractions where we saw tons of tourists! I actually took about 20 different pictures with her, but this was my favourite one.

This isn't the end of my trip to Copenhagen, I've got another post coming up in a couple of days with the rest of our photos. Next, we saw the Kastellet, the Tivoli Gardens, and the Rundetårn!

Have you ever been to Copenhagen?
Which European city should I add to my bucket list?


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