Monday, 3 March 2014

February Favourites

I had actually started doing these posts over on Youtube, but this year I decided to fully focus on my blog because it was getting too hectic trying to film videos (and edit it them on time) and writing a blog. Plus, I like the writing better, I feel like I can get a lot more out there and I express myself better when I have time to think about what to say. So, with that said, let's hear about my favourites for the month of February.

First of, let's talk about music. I have been really into finding new artists this month because my music collection was beginning to look a little static. I decided to head on over to, which is my favourite place to find new music. I basically said I liked to listen to Ed Sheeran and got so many suggestions from there. Amongst the many, many artists I found my favourite has to be The 1975, who are alternative/rock band from England. I'm obsessed and they have quickly become the only thing I've been listening to on my iPhone.

Then, we have beauty. I have been wearing my Vera Wang Princess perfume religiously ever since I got it during the after Christmas sales. It's got such a lovely smell, I won't even try to describe it because I'm pretty shit at doing that. According to a PR description, "It celebrates youth and femininity in its top notes that bring the aquatic nuances with pure and sharp notes of water lily, apple, freshly-sweet mandarin and apricot." I think of it as being very sweet and floral, it's the perfect girly perfume. But yes, I love the bottle, it has been my favourite perfume for so long and I'm so happy I have a full bottle of it now.

I've also been loving my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, which I now have run out of. I have been using this foundation for a few months, and it's great. I'm also tempted to repurchase it because it worked so well with my skin and it never made me break out. I'm trying out a new foundation this month, and we'll see how well it compares to this one. I'm also featuring my go-to lip product for the month, which are the Maybelline Colour Elixirs. I needed to get my hands on these ever since they were raved about by the wonderful Estée from essiebutton, I needed to get my hands on them. I'm obsessed! I have never been a lip gloss person, but these are so good. They are super moisturizing and the colour payoff is pretty damn amazing. Also, they really stain your lips, so you don't have to reapply constantly. 

Finally, I also decided to show you guys my goodies from Lush. I have been completely in love with my Big Shampoo, which I use once a week, while I alternate with my other shampoo. It leaves my hair feeling soft, voluminous, and I don't have to wash it as often because it completely strips the grease out of it. It's such a good product, and the large tub feels like it's going to last me forever. Also, I've been using my Bubblegum Lip Scrub like crazy because of the insanely cold weather we've been having in Montreal. It leaves my lips feeling so fresh and soft, it's perfect to use before applying a bold lipstick. 

Have you tried any of my favourites for the month?
Do you prefer this format to the videos?
Sorry for some of the blurry pictures, 
I couldn't figure out my setup.


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