Friday, 1 November 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Cheekies! Yes, that's what you're all called from now. There's only about 50 minutes left of Halloween for me and I'm so sad it's over. Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, mainly because of the costumes and the candy. Those are the only important parts, right? I spent the evening handing out candy with my zombie family, as we blasted Thriller through out living room windows, and threatened to eat children's brains. We also made two kids cry, which made me giggle naughtily - I'm sorry, kids.

Pretty scary, eh? I quite like the orange wig, I'll have to keep it around for next year.

A real life hot dog!

This is his "I hate you, human, for making me look like a horrible pun."

And this is his face after I reprimanded him for trying to steal the candy.

So much candy, wow.

The zombie parents.

I'd love to see your Halloween costumes!
Did you give out candy this year or were you partying like a skeleton?
Arrgggh, brains.


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