Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Escape to Portmeirion

We took a lovely long weekend trip to North Wales last weekend, as we had booked ourselves a glamping escape. I've never been glamping before this - but let's just say that going regular camping will be very hard now! We stayed at Hideaway in the Hills, in Snowdonia, and it was absolutely magical. 

I made a little vlog about our weekend - see above!

Let's talk about a bit about Hideaway in the Hills. We were booked in the bell tent, which is probably the best thing to ever sleep in if you're camping. It was so big! It can easily fit up to four people, so it was plenty of space for the two of us. We had everything included, we only needed to bring our clothes and food.

We were able to buy wood on-site, and could borrow all plates/utensils from the nearby kitchen. Even better - if it rains, there's a shared kitchen for everyone to use. 

My favourite part of the campsite was the chickens that would roam around, they're so used to stealing food from people who stay there, that they would come and eat out of your hand! I won't lie, I think I could have a pet chicken now. 

On our second day, we drove to Portmeirion Village, a cute seaside village that was built by architect Clough Williams-Ellis from 1925 to 1976. He built the village to show how a beautiful site could be built without spoiling its natural surroundings.

Admission can be booked online (you'll save £1!) or on-site when you arrive. 

Portmeirion is such an interesting place to visit, because all of sudden it's like you're a completely different world. There's a strong italian influence in the way Williams-Ellis designed everything, but some parts of it looks Greek, other looked Spanish. I felt like I was in a fairytale with all of these beautifully bright houses surrounding me. 

We had beautiful weather on this day, so beautiful that we were both quite overdressed!

All the buildings in the village are now hotels or self-catered accommodation. I'd love to stay here for one weekend! Some of the guests have access to an outdoor pool and the spa, so I imagine you can have a very relaxing weekend here.

Would anyone ever think that I was in North Wales?

This is my postcard shot!

Barbie's dream house.

Have you been to Portmeirion?
I definitely recommend adding it to your trip if you're ever in Wales!


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