Sunday, 4 January 2015

Boxing Day Haul

While I don't normally shop on Boxing Day (The deals on clothes were never that good back home in Canada!), I decided against the whole drinking-until-you-pass-out tradition that is Boxing Day in the UK - or is it only Wales? Either way, the boyfriend was planning on getting extremely drunk, while I chose to go shopping with his sister. We went to the St David's shopping center in Cardiff, and wow, have I missed Cardiff shopping.

I only picked up three things in the sale, but I'm absolutely in love with them. Plus, with a nice pair of skinny jeans, this is a complete outfit!

I got these beautiful taupe boots from New Look for £15. I've already worn them out and they're super comfortable. The perfect going out shoes!

Then, we went to House of Fraser, which had a few items from Whistles on sale. I love Whistles, but it is way above my price range. I managed to get this beautiful Annie Sparkly knit for £25! What a bargain! I would have probably bought more colours if they had them in my size.

Finally, I got this bag from Accessorize for £25 on sale, and I love it! I was going to go with another typical black bag, but decided to try something different. I love the colour of it, but I'm a little scared the fabric will get dirty quickly. I'll probably use this for work, as I needed a new bag since the one I'm currently using is about 2 years old already (and looks it!)

Anyway, those are my bargains from Boxing Day! It was actually really fun to go shopping, and I probably could have gone a little crazier, but I held myself back. I'm really glad with what I've got, but it's given me a little bit of a shopping bug! I'm trying to save money this year though, so I have to be careful! Did you go to the sales? Find anything interesting?


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