Sunday, 28 December 2014

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas. While this year has been harder than in the past, as I'm away from my family in Canada, it was a lovely Christmas nonetheless. Crackers were popped, presents were ripped open, and I had a huge Christmas dinner before bed. I got so many beautiful gift, and also pulled off the ultimate Christmas surprise. If you want to see a few snaps of my Christmas, then read more.

I wore this beautiful Christmas jumped for the day, and it was the perfect addition to the festive day.

Getting ready to open some presents!

We all chipped in and got the boyfriend an Xbox One for Christmas, but first we had him open an empty boxes that was scribbled with x's. Get it? A "X Box?" 

Yes, that's the UD Vice 3 Palette! I was so ecstatic, more on that beauty in another post.

Opening the real Xbox One.

Pure shock.

And the ultimate gift? Some beautiful over-the-knee boots from Kurt Geiger, I love them. The boyfriend was having a little sneak on my blog from what I can see.

Modeling the new beauties.

The adorable Christmas tree at my boyfriend's parents' home. Smaller than the one back home, but full of presents anyway!


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